Documentary portfolio

  2003   March, 5th

  “To build a bridge ...”

A 30 minutes duration documentary, broadcasted by Bulgarian National TV. A disabled, 23 years old boy "retells" the story of ICT. Plamen is living in a house for disabled people in Stara Zagora. He has found his real life thanks to the computer. Through Internet he has met his big love in ... Israel.                                                

  2002 – March

  “ … because I love people” 

This documentary shows the various activities of prof.Minko Balkansky - his reputation as a leading scientist in the field of physics is known worldwide. Last 10 years he is organizing National contests in mathematics, physics and informatics. The winners have the chance to study in the leading French schools.                                             

  2000   August, 1st

   “One day of ... dr. Valery Netzov”

"One day of ..." is a 30 minutes duration story showing the day of interesting people with different professional background. Dr.Valery Netzov is  gynecologist.  The camera follows him in the hospital(a woman is giving birth), at home, on the street, on holiday in the mountain...                                  

  2000   May, 31th

    “Millennium Dreamers”

Disney World and Mc Donalds celebrated  the year 2000 in Orlando, Florida. Children from all over the world gathered for a week. The kids were selected upon their stories on the theme - "What good I have done for the others". Bulgaria was represented by two kids- one was working after school to buy medicines for his father(who died after), the other saved his friend's who has fallen in a lake while scating.                              

   1999   December, 21st

  “Polish write homework”


  1999   October, 21st

  “Leave me on beer”
(Octoberfest in Munich) 


  1999   February, 24th   

  “To reach the aim”
(Bulgaria towards NATO)                                            
    1998   June, 6th

  “In Yalta – without complex”
(Black Sea Economic Cooperation meeting, Yalta)                                             
  1998   May, 17th 

  “China – the challenge”
(Presidents Peter Stoyanov visit)