E80 LTD is a cross media production company, established in 1997. It works in several main fields:

  1. cross media projects;
  2. documentaries;
  3. publishing;
  4. media consultancy;
  5. events organization & coverage .

The company is 100% owned by Mariana Assenova, managing director of E80 LTD. The company is organized on project basis.  It is contracting appropriate experts and technicians according to the needs for the different projects. The team size normally varies between 4 and 10. The company is the owner of E80  brand and it is developing it’s production activities under this trade mark.


Some examples of E80 LTD activities follow:


     cross media projects productions: 

BLABLAS   – kids and Internet project  – ;

Imagine to be a Bulgarian – An interactive portrait of Bulgarians today CD ROM;

Bela rechka project – a pilot of Hidden  –;

“A GUIDEBOOK for lovers and other disciples” – interactive presentation of – bilingual (English/ Bulgarian) poetry and paintings.  



To build a bridge…”   Bulgarian National TV, March, 5th  2003

A disabled boy retells the “story” of ICT;

“… because I love people ” Bulgarian National TV, March, 10th 2002

Prof.Minko Balkanski activities in BG- IT centres in Orjahovitza village and Nova Zagora.  



Weekly news and articles on high tech, innovations and IT for leading national newspaper Dnevnik - ;


     media consultancy and planning for leading Bulgarian software companies : 

ESI Center Bulgaria  

BASSCOM (Bulgarian Association of Software Companies)

Soft Innovations


    special events organization & coverage:

ESI Centers Global Alliance meeting, Sofia, April, 2005;

ESI Center Bulgaria - international conference "A glance in our IT future...", May 2004;

ESI (European software institute) regional center opening in Sofia, June 2003;

Bulgaria – a booming software development center” – international conference, Sofia, 2002.